Brexit concerns mount for UK's waste and water industries
Brexit concerns mount for UK’s waste and water industries
November 7, 2016
Hoard or Collect

My goodness, it is absolutely amazing when you get to clean out your loft, and look at some of the things that you have kept, or put away for another day, yet never get round to using again, “saying, I’ll keep that because although I am not using it now, I might use it later”, but we rarely ever do.

When tackling the full to the brim loft, before moving house, it was worse than clearing the house of all its furniture, boxes upon boxes of useless stuff that should have been chucked, or given to charity, “now where do I start”, “what should I keep”, it was hard work. It took almost a week to go through the contents of everything in the boxes and decide what to keep. 

Baby blankets, but baby was all grown up now not needed, old VHS video player, but it’s all CD’s now, not needed, loads of clothes, winter woollies, jackets and coats, oh yes don’t fit any more, no good to me now, endless empty boxes, just in case the item I purchased broke and I needed to return it, they didn’t, don’t need then, screw s galore, but I don’t even know how to use a drill, chuck em!

Well eventually I did manage to get through all the stuff, and to be fair I did actually keep a couple bits, some old photos, some photography magazines, a couple of books, a few games, and the one and only thing that went into the loft every single year and came back out without fail.

The Xmas Tree and lights!

 We would love to hear what delights you re-discovered when clearing out your loft, and blog it.

 Elaine EWS