All your questions, answered!

1What paperwork do I receive from your service?
You will receive: A signed copy of Duty of Care on completion of every job.
2What type of waste do you accept?
We accept all non-hazardous waste.
3How soon can you collect our waste?
We can collect your waste on the same day or on the next working day, if scheduled in before 6pm.
4Can I arrange more than one collection for the same day?
Yes, you can! We provide a round-robin or back to back service that will collect from different sites in one day, provided each collection has it's own Purchase Order Number.
5How do I know how much you collect?
We can collect a tonne at a time, if however there is more than a tonne, we do provide a back to back service for our customers, our team are experienced enough to give you an idea of how much you have, we also have the facility for you to upload an image of your waste, should you be unsure as to what the weight is, our dedicated office team will then cost it for you.
6What Payment method do you accept?
We accept Credit/Debit card payments and Bacs transfers.
7What are Pro-forma and Pre-Paid Orders?
We can facilitate pre-paid and Pro-forma on your account for ease of use! Pre-paid offers flexibility for customers who may have several waste collections on an on-going basis, without having to pay each and every time, you can pre-pay and use (Whilst pre-payment lasts).
8How much does your service cost?
The cost of our service is dependent on a number of factors, how much waste to collect, will it be back to back, is it a wait and load, what Zone are you in. click here for Zones
9I have not received a registration email?
Please check your spam folder first, if it is not there please call us on 01992 711 123 and we will sort it out for you.
10I forgot my password?
Please follow the instructions here to reset your password.